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Today is March 16th 2008. Dad called me (his daughter) yesterday with a child's awe in his voice to tell me he saw the space shuttle going up... only 20 seconds worth, but he was entranced none the less. His awe moved me so, that I went to the NASA website and grabbed this stunning photo.. nothing to do with Jug's that's for sure.. but it just further shows my father's love for anything that flys! And the picture ain't hard to look at either!

Tonight Dad called again.. asking if I saw the email he sent with video of P-47s that someone passed on to him. As is Dad's way, I had to hear every detail of how he came to know the man who sent the link, what I would see when I looked at it.. start to finish about 15 minutes of ear chewing.. thank god for DVR's.. no one missed a beat here or there :) He's very proud (so am I..) of his advanced computer skills which now includes daily forwarding of jokes and odd pictures to oogle at, but he still calls to make sure his 86 year your fingers typed my email address right and the mail arrived in my IN box.  It did and I looked.. He actually knew the video was on YouTube, and not only that, he managed to navigate to all 5 parts of the show without frustration or frantic calls to his personal tech support line! He also, I think now has become a YouTube addict.. we was amazed at what else was linked there on these video pages and clicked way for some extended period of time today, he would not say just how long, but that one could click for a month and not see it all..

Dad told me this video brought him right back to that time in his life.. every memory came flooding back.. 

So without futher-ado.. much thanks to UnknownWW2InColor for preserving such an in-depth and interesting video archive.. Each segment is 8-9 minutes long

  Part 1 --
  Part 2 --
Part 3 -- 
  Part 4 --
Part 5 -- 

Dedicated to our Dad.. Lt. Benjamin Rosman
All our love, Debbie & David Rosman

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